Application Forms

Research Grant Application Forms

The Research Grant application package consists of the following items: Research Grant Form and Application Guide. The form has been designed to be completed in Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader.your computer. Please note that only the 2019 version of the application forms will be accepted. All applicants MUST refer to the Application Guide when completing an application.


UPDATE – MAY 20, 2020 – The building that our office is located in is closed at this time. We would recommend submitting the hard copy by Canada Post or preferably via Canada Post “Express Post” service. We are able to receive mail, but couriers may require signatures with delivery and this is not possible at this time. We are allowing for some flexibility with regard to the delivery of the hard copy as long as the electronic application is received by the stated deadline.  Printed copies should be postmarked by the deadline.

UPDATE: Our usual policy is to accept only original signatures. We understand that this may not be feasible at this time. For this competition, we will accept scans of physical signatures. We will also accept e-signatures. We would recommend in both cases that a separate copy of the signature page be created and either physically signed and sent around after scanning or if the Institution has an electronic signing mechanism such as Adobe Sign in their Grants department we would also accept the signature page signed in this manner.

Applicants must submit the unbound original with signatures on or before April 30th by mail or courier to the Foundation Office. Applicants are also required to email the completed application form including all supporting documentation in PDF format to on or before April 30th. When the deadline falls on a weekend or holiday, the next business day will be considered the deadline date. Applications submitted in other formats will not be accepted for review and the application will be rejected without review. Refer to the Research Grant Application Guide for further information.

Note that the Research Application form and the Application Guide will download automatically with the following links:

Download Grant Application Guide

Download Grant Application Form